Our Story

It started as a vision...

Mountain Joy is a mother-daughter company that is located in downtown Roslyn, Washington. The boutique was founded in 2020 with the vision of bringing unique products to our community. Open year-round, the boutique features the latest fashion trends, jewelry, accessories, home décor, bath and body products, kitchen accessories, hostess gifts, local vendors, seasonal products, and so much more.

The mother, Lisa, and daughter Lydia are excited to continue to work with one another to continue bringing quality services and products.

Lisa’s grandparents came from Croatia in the early 1900s to take part in the coal boom. Both her parents were born and raised in the Roslyn community and still reside here. As Lisa grew up, she would regularly visit the area and would go on camping trips to Salmon la Sac. As years went on, her parents built a cabin in the area, later married a local, and decided to call Roslyn her home where they would raise their children. Lisa has a background in creating beautiful flower arrangements home design from working in florist shops.

Lydia was born and raised in the Upper Kittitas community. She graduated from Cle Elum-Roslyn High School with finding many ways to participate in the community and sports. Lydia later attended Washington State University in Pullman to obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Processes, workflows, accounting, and the overall operations of what makes a business function are of great interest to Lydia.

The desire to open Mountain Joy is a long-term dream Lisa and Lydia have discussed and are overjoyed to see it become a reality.

When Lydia was younger she would love to play dress-up and provide plastic food to whoever would agree to sit down for a tea party in her playhouse - which most of the time was Lisa. That excitement of fashion and providing a service followed into her adult years, when she would seek advice from her mother.

Mountain Joy has been a place for Lisa and Lydia to work together to continue growing their bond and excitement for hosting. The two of us can often be found in the store working, hiking in search of huckleberries, or playing cards.

We thank you for all your continuous support in helping us make our vision a reality.

About Roslyn, WA

The small town located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains is about 80 miles from Seattle, Washington. The town was founded in 1886 due to its strong presence of coal composites. People from Ireland, Croatia, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Germany all came to work in the rapidly growing coal industry located in Roslyn. Today over 280 million tons of coal remain below the surface. Roslyn later became known as a filming location for The Runner Stumbles, Northern Exposure, and The Man in the High Castle.

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